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If you’ve been trading in penny stocks, you most likely subscribed to one of my many premium services.  I’ve had at least one Top Ten small cap market percentage gain picks every year, for the last 12 years, some of which were the biggest trades of all time (that year).

What do I mean by some of the biggest trades of all time?  Well, one of my picks went from a nickel and shot up to $26.00 in just 6 months, as it moved from the OTC to a major exchange

My winners list is just too long to inventory here, but I pick companies that have substance, structure and the game plan that allows my readers to make explosive short term, and sometimes even more sustainable long term gains.

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I focus on picking potential Street Stocks. These stocks are usually growth penny stocks on the verge of making big headlines, the kind that can turn a company into a household name, which attracts institutional and retail investors alike, who’re always looking to scoop up shares for potential big gains.

Most services send out their daily picks, but I only alert my subscribers of special situations and we make sure to alert our members FIRST! This gives you the best chance at making substantial gains usually in a few days, but, when the Street takes over, my readers can make a fortune and it happened 3 times in 2010 alone!

The first time we alerted our members to WKLI it was at 3 cents, it’s traded as high as $0.98 and I think there’s more to come.

Our subscribers received the first alert on KBLB at 2.5 cents and it hit a high of 26.4 cents. Again, I think this has much more potential.

We then alerted our members to RMCP at 22 cents, before it hit a high of $1.75 and its best days are still to come.

All of these picks are still higher than when we started today!

How do we pick winners?

We focus solely on companies that meet our select criteria

1.     Management must be seasoned and have an executable business plan.

2.     Corporate structure must offer investors a unique undervalued opportunity.

3.     The Company must be structured to offer early investors a rapid price appreciation opportunity and must be void of outstanding toxic converted debt and/or financings.

4. The Company must be good enough for us to warrant continual coverage.  We care about our readers, and only send out alerts after thorough due diligenceOur penny stock alerts are sent only when justified by special price point opportunities and corporate developmentsYou see, unless something drastic happens, if you buy something we recommend at the top, no worries, as these stocks channel up and down you should get multiple opportunities for profitable extraction trades.

How Many Picks Will I send you?

Since I focus on quality, as opposed to quantity, when you see us in your inbox you know it’s time to trade! Typically, I may have 4-6 picks between January and June, and another 2-3 picks September thru November.It may seem slow, but we’re looking for the perfect storm and when it arrives we alert you 1st.

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