Portfolio Performance: September 2013

Well – I’ve been lazy lately. minimal website updates, falling behind on emails, etc…I wonder if it is a coincidence that my ‘laziness’ started about the same time as the NHL regular season…. Whatever the case, I am finally now getting around to posting my portfolio performance update for September 2013.  It was another pretty solid month with a nearly 2% capital gain and dividend income right where I expected it to be. Probably the biggest event in my portfolio was the long overdue replacement of TransAlta with Canadian Utilities.  Why did I do this?  The answer really boils down to investment quality.  Other than the huge yield, TransAlta has been a bottomless pit for my portfolio – I buy shares and after a strong bull swing it drops again so I buy more and it drops more.  I took a loss on TA.  Not a big loss as it … Continue reading

DT Saturday Survey: Registered Account or Non-Registered?

Last week I asked if now was the time to buy Apple shares.  Feedback = completely inconclusive with a split decision between yes and no. The stock price is down about 2% on the week after selling a record nine million new phones… This week I am shifting the focus to an entirely different topic, looking at whether people prefer the benefits of Registered investment accounts such as RSPs, TFSAs, Roth IRAs, 401Ks, etc… or if they prefer the freedom and dividend tax credit benefits associated with Non-Registered accounts.  My vote is for registered accounts as I prefer not paying any tax on dividends and gains rather than getting tax credits.

DT Assessment: Eaton Corporation (ETN)

Eaton Corporation is involved in power management and the provision of energy-efficient solutions within the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power industries.  They have five main segments: Electrical, Hydraulics, Aerospace, Truck and Automotive.  Headquartered in Ireland with over 100,000 employees, they have been in operation for over 100 years and have an impressive record of 90 years of uninterrupted dividend payments to shareholders. Financial Information Revenue over last 12 months: $19.2 Billion Profit in last 12 months: $1.4 Billion Company Assets: $35.8 Billion Company Debt: $20.8 Billion Cash and Equivalents: $1.1 Billion Eaton Corporation is a major player within the industries they operate in, and revenues they earn will have a tendency to parallel overall market strength.  Revenues were down immediately after the recession but have climbed up steadily since – most likely driven by Eaton’s customers replacing aging equipment coupled with a shift towards improvement in overall energy efficiency within … Continue reading

DT Saturday Survey: Is Now the Time to Buy Apple Stock?

Okay…I know its Sunday already but its time for another DT Saturday Survey. Last week  I posed the question about whether our readers would consider investing into the developer of a video game with potential to become a huge hit.  That video game was Grand Theft Auto V.  I mentioned last week that I hadn’t seen any commercials on TV about the release but made an observation about how many Youtube hits their trailer had received.  Since then, commercials have been on TV, the game has been released and they have already sold $1 Billion in copies – the fastest $1 Billion earned in the entertainment industry ever (so I heard). Survey results from last week were pretty much split 50/50, but it is interesting to note that those who said they would consider investing only really started to come in after the game was released.  With that said, TTWO … Continue reading

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